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Bobble Head Dolls

How Bobble heads Are Designed

So how do they get the bobble heads to actually look like real people? 

According to contemporary manufacturers, making bobble heads based on a real person begins by taking several different photographs and images of the individual from every angle. Sometimes they even watch videos of their soon to be bobble heads to pick up on their distinctive movements. 

A spec sheet for the bobble heads is also required, and includes their actual height, body type, skin tone, facial expression, whether their left or right handed (in case they have to hold a baseball bat, etc), their hair style, etc. 

After all these images are gathered, they begin a long process of sketching out the bobble heads in mechanical drawings and then the sculpting starts. 

They are all hand molded and crafted, and at each stage of the process the bobble heads are tweaked to get their features perfect. The face, body and uniform or outfit is checked carefully for color and detail. Once they're satisfied the bobble heads are good to go, production begins in earnest.

The entire process from start to finish can take up to four months, and then the completed bobble heads are ready for shipping.



Here's what is required to make bobble heads at the "Bobblehead Experts"

  • Photos of person/players face and outfit from every angle - media/magazine or color photographs are preferred.

  • A bobble heads spec sheet, this includes info such as: actual height, body type, skin tone, facial expression, left/right handed, hair length/type, teeth showing, cap or helmet, etc.

  • Artwork for all names and logos that appear on doll.

  • Two color layouts showing logo placement and base shape.

  • A body sketch of the bobble heads doll. (see right sketch)

  • Minimum order quantity is 5,000 pieces

for more info see:

bobble heads body sketch