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Minor League Bobblehead Election Accurately Predicted the Real Deal

November 3, 2004 - ST. PAUL, MN – As it turns out, people didn't need to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to find out who won the 2004 U.S. presidential election. The Bobblection of August 2 accurately predicted the final result. 

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Three months before the presidential election, 2500 fans made their choice of either George Bush or John Kerry by selecting their favorite Bobblehead during the St. Paul Saints’ game with Sioux City. At the same time, fans were also picking Bobbleheads at six other baseball sites associated with the Goldklang Group, the primary owners of the Saints. 

“This is a landmark day for politics, promotions and baseball, said Goldklang Group Senior Director Jeff Goldklang. “Maybe next time around, instead of looking at skewed exit polls, the American people will turn to bobbleheads for political insight.” 

The Charleston (SC) RiverDogs, Fort Myers (FL) Miracle, Hudson Valley (NY) Renegades, St. Paul (MN) Saints, Brockton (MA) Rox, Sioux Falls (SD) Canaries and New Haven (CT) County Cutters took part in the unique Bobblection promotion, sponsored by the Goldklang Group. 

On Monday, August 2, each club gave away a number of bobblehead dolls (ranging from 1,000-2,500) of the Republican candidate, President George W. Bush, and the Democratic nominee, Senator John Kerry. In South Carolina, fans were given the option of a write-in candidate, the Geico Gecko, who many observers believe would have carried the national election if reptiles were eligible for office. 

As fans passed through stadium turnstiles, they were directed to voting booths. Once inside, they had the option of casting their ballot for President Bush or Senator Kerry. For participating in the voting, they received the Bobblehead doll of their choosing. 

The local and national vote mirrored what the country would choose three months later in six of the seven states. The lone exception came in New York where President Bush won locally but Senator Kerry claimed the overall state. 

In August's bobblehead election, Bush was victorious in South Carolina, New York, South Dakota and Florida. Kerry took Massachusetts, Minnesota and Connecticut. Also mirrored in the bobblelection was Sen. Kerry winning a tight election in St. Paul – just as he did in Minnesota on Nov 2. 

President Bush’s slim margin of 4-3 nationally also mirrored the tight final overall margin. 

With election problems popping up around the country Tuesday, could bobbleheads the next trend in voting? 

“The bobbleheads should serve as the model for future elections,” Goldklang said. “Our results were more accurate than exit polls. We didn’t have three hour waits, hanging chads or electronic voting machine malfunctions. Plus, what would you rather have: an ‘I voted!” sticker for the day or a bobblehead that’s fun for the entire family?” 

The Goldklang Group is operated by Marv Goldklang and partner Mike Veeck. Known for a “Fun is Good” attitude and “Off the Wall” antics, clubs associated with the Group have repeatedly made national headlines for their promotional endeavors. 

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