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Hong Kong Phooey Bobble Head Dolls

Hong Kong Phooey Bobbleheads are a heartwarming addition to any home.

Each Hong Kong Phooey bobble head manufactured by "WickedCoolStuff" has a spring mounted head that responds to the slightest touch.

This favorite nodder is professionally manufactured , and any bobblehead collector would appreciate this wonderful gift.

Hong Kong Phooey bobbleheads sold by "WickedCoolStuff" are about seven inches from top to bottom. That is the standard height for these bobbleheads but check each individual bobblehead type in case it is larger.

Just so you have the most options available I am including links to both: "WickedCoolStuff" and eBay, which gives you the choice between ordering from an online store or from another collector - although I believe there are companies that sometimes sell new  Hong Kong Phooey Bobbleheads on eBay too.

You can take a peek at eBay first to find out if there are any new ones for sale.

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