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Yorkshire Terrier Bobblehead

Each Yorkshire Terrier bobble head produced by "The Animal Den" nods its head in a friendly way at the slightest touch or movement.

This canine nodder is professionally manufactured out of durable poly resin, and a great three dimensional collectible for any dog lover.

A Yorkshire Terrier bobblehead sold by "The Animal Den" is about seven inches from top to bottom. That is the standard height for these nodders but be sure to check the page for your breed just in case it is taller.

The 2 places you can buy these dog bobbles are: eBay and "The Animal Den" (click on 'Dogs' on their top menu), so you can pick between ordering from a company or from an individual - but keep in mind that some companies sell unused Yorkshire Terrier Bobbleheads on eBay too.

You can check out both the be sure if there are any new ones for sale on eBay.